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RENTING INFO:$50 an hour is all we ask of you for wild and zany chaka!!!


Full Name: Andrew Dean Verdecchio (NOT CHAKA)

Birthplace: south Philly

Birthday: 9/12/74

Favorite Cereal: Honey Comb, Cherrios - no sugar

Church: The next level church

Did you go to College, what did you study?: Harvard law skool

Favorite Bands: The Police, Hank Williams, Tom Waits, Radiohead

Favorite FIF song to play: Every New Day, All that is Good

Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 51

Favorite Venue to Play at: New Earth Coffee House - Kansas City

Brand of Equipment you use: Zilidgen, Pork Pie, Pro Mark

Future plans (after FIF): well I don't want to buy anything sold or processed, I don't want to process anything sold or bought, and I don't want to sell anything sold, bought, or processed, so I think I will just hang out with your daughter if that is OK with you sir?

What do you like best about being in FIF?: I love the beatings and the elecro-probings, other than that it isn't much fun

Hobbies: sk8boarding, mud wrestling, kniting

Pets: lice

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened on the road: There was this one time we stayed up way past midnight

How long have you been playing your respective instrument?: 13 years

What advice do you offer to aspiring musicians?: Don't ever stop playing, ever. Because if you do I will find you. That's right, I know where you live. In fact, you better be playing right now because I am watching

Anything you want to add or comment on: Mystical toilet bowl, flushing quite frequently, shining afghanistan hiding in the trees. Come with me into the secret of the past. Where the naked Elderberry children live, under the stairs where they talk to Bobbie's mom, and she was shooting beams down from Planet Golnaptiod.